Why Fire Resistant Landscaping

Beautify and Fortify Your Property’s Defensible Space with Fire Resistant Landscape Design

All wildfires begin on the ground and fire resistant landscaping is often the first line of defense against encroaching groundfires. Following guidelines set forth by CalFire, University of California and California State, Fire Resistant Landscapes designs the architectural plans needed to implement a comprehensive landscape design that beautifies and helps protect your property against spreading groundfires. Will your landscaping help prevent the spread of groundfires on your property?

Be Prepared for the Next Ground Fire with Fire Resistant Landscaping

With insurance companies reducing or dropping fire insurance coverage across California, it is important for homeowners to take fire preparedness into their own hands by not only getting a fire risk assessment, but also a fire mitigation and fire resistant landscaping plan. Plant management, elimination of ladder fuels and establishment of a home defense zone around your property are some of the ways landscaping can affect the spread of groundfires. The goal of Fire Resistant Landscaping is beautify your property while also maintaining high moisture content in the vegetation, decreasing plant fuel density and elimination of structural exposure to combustible natural elements.

Start With A Fire Risk Assessment & Fire Resistant Landscaping Plan

There are many factors that go into evaluating your property’s risk of being lost to wildfire. From tree and plant species to ground elevation, slope conditions, defensible space and proximity of neighbors, Fire Resistant Landscaping takes all these factors into account when preparing your comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment & Fire Resistant Landscape Design Plans. All Landscape Design Plans include submittals and approvals from city or county bodies if required – all in accordance to municipal building codes, and California landscape ordinances.

At Fire Resistant Landscaping, we believe great landscape design can be beautiful, sustainable and effective.

Fire Resistant Landscaping works with California State and Local Fire Inspectors, Fire Risk Evaluators and Municipalities to customize the best fire resistant landscaping plan for your property