How a fire risk assessment helps prepare your property for wildfire

fire risk assessment and high resolution UAV flyover
As wildfires rage across the state, many California property owners are being dropped from their fire insurance just as it looks like they may need to use it! In a state where wildfires are inevitable, it is now essential for property owners to take wildfire preparedness into their own hands. Especially for homes in the “Wildland / Urban Interface” where structures are the most susceptible to spreading fires, homeowners need to be aware of the level of risk their property…
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Learning the Hard Lessons of Fire Resistant Landscaping

learning the hard lessons of fire resistant landscaping
When examining why wildfires in California are so destructive, experts have ample explanations for why homes and properties are so often destroyed and consume thousands of structures throughout the state. Some contributing factors, like strong Santa Ana winds and a slow recovery from a long drought, are natural forces outside of human control. However, there are many ways property owners can help protect their property against the inevitable next wildfire. Many experts agree that “it’s just a matter of time”…
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